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What is one of the most frustrating things that can happen at a party? You guessed it – running out of ice. Taking an ice refill trip to the store in the middle of a good time is a real downer, especially if everyone has been drinking alcohol in some form.

There is a great solution to this dilemma that allows you to not run out of ice again. You can add an ice machine to your bar. These little workhorses keep the ice flowing for your favorite drinks with cube sizes that will not water down your drink.

Drinks are not the only need for ice. Having ice available for food items such as shrimp or salad items to rest in while on the buffet table is also very handy.

Quick Comparison Chart

#1. hOmeLabs Portable
Our Best Pick

Check Price
9.5x12.9x14"19 lbs
#2. Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH

Check Price
11.7x14.2x13.3" 25 lbs
#3 Edgestar IB120SSĀ 

Check Price
25 1/4"x15"x18 1/2"54lbs

What Are My Cube Options?

Ice cubes come in several different sizes and shapes that are designed for different uses. Picking a machine that will make the size and shape of ice you will have the most need for should be a big consideration in your choice of an ice maker.


Melts slowly
Does not tend to stick together
Good for those who like to crunch ice
Slow to dilute drinks
Ideal for carbonated drinks
Works great in blended cocktails
Good choice for buffet salad bar display

Full Cubes

Most widely used shape
Cools quickly
Slow to melt
Good for bagged ice
Ideal for coolers
Long lasting in beverages

Half Cubes

About the size of a pat of butter
Good for iced coffee and tea
Used in mixed cocktails
Fits well in pitchers
Good size for icing bruises
Used in catering mini buffets

Ice Flakes

Used in snow cones
Excellent for displaying seafood, meat, or produce
Easy to blend
Good for transporting perishable food items
Help maintain food hydration
Ideal for blended drinks

Gourmet Ice

Unique shot glass shape
Slowest ice to melt of all the cube shapes
Crystal-clear ice

Crescent Ice

Half moon shape
Liquid glides over it
Ice does not melt together easily
Stores compactly
Less splash when poured over.
Easy displacement of liquid
Best for soft drinks

There are many cube shapes and type of ice made so these are only the most common. Taking into consideration the most frequent use of your need for ice will help direct you to the machines available for purchase.

Styles of Ice Makers

Depending on where you do the most entertaining, ice makers are made to be built in or portable. Even commercial grade ice machines come in countertop sizes that are built for heavy-duty use.

Built-In Ice Makers

Can be found for indoor and outdoor bar use
Can fit under cabinets and countertops
Designed to handle heavy ice use
Comes with front breathing vent at bottom of maker
Some offer zero clearance on back and sides as a built-in
Outdoor units are built with more rugged parts than an indoor machine.

Countertop / Portable Ice Makers

Countertop ice machine which is portable and does not need to be installed
Easy to use- fill with water, plug it in, and turn it on
Designed to be used on a countertop while making ice
Can be used camping, boating, hotel rooms
Insulated ice storage bin
Different cube styles
A variety of case colors, styles, and finishes
Not designed to store ice
Melted ice water can be recycled within the machine


Makes restaurant quality clear ice
Makes ice cubes faster than other types of machines
Attractive to look at
Cubes do not contain impurities or bubbles
Available in countertop, built-in and freestanding self-contained units

Assess your personal ice needs and you should be able to find a perfect ice maker available for purchase in the market.

What’s Out There?

1. Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker with LCD Display

Makes cubes in six minutes
26.5-pound output in a 24 hour period
Cubes stay separate
Three ice sizes
2.8-liter water reservoir
No water waste – recycles melted water
Smart Alarm Alert when water reservoir gets low.
An alert when ice bucket is full, cubes are stuck, and the machine is on standby
LCD Display
Removeable Tray for easy ice transfer
Push Buttons
See-through top monitoring window
Auto-off and on timer
Compressor Refrigeration Technology

  • Tray holds 2 pounds of ice
  • Different cube sizes
  • May breakdown after limited use

2. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

Makes 26 lbs of ice per 24 hours
Stores 1.5 pounds of ice
Bullet shaped ice cubes
Auto shut off when ice tray is full
No installation needed
2.2-quart water reservoir
Easy to fill and drain
Easy to use control panel
Comes with small ice scoop

  • Quiet cooling compressor
  • Nice countertop size
  • Sensors may give false reading

3. The Edgestar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

Does not require permanent drain line
Stainless steel door and black body
Can be used in a wet bar, boat, office, camper, kitchen
Makes 12 lbs of crescent ice cubes a day
Simple installation by a professional plumber
Meets ADA height requirements
Comes with 1/4 water line and ice scoop
Freezer compartment so ice does not melt

  • Installs quickly
  • Ice doesn’t melt after forming
  • Should replace plastic tubing with copper before installing.

Final Verdict

There are many styles of ice makers available as these are just an example. My personal choice is the hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top for its portable versatility as well as those bullet type ice cubes. I admit I love to crunch ice.

If there is a heavy ice cube use in the home or you love to party, have an extra source of ice is a great idea. I am sure the right one is out there waiting for you to bring it home.

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