Pit Boss 820 Pellet Grill Reviews

The Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill is a high-quality, reliable pellet grill that will take your barbeques to the next level. Whether you are new to the idea of backyard grilling or view yourself as an aspiring grill master, you will be able to prepare effortlessly delicious food every time.

The options are limitless, from smoking juicy ribs to cooking tender chicken and fish effortlessly, as well as baking biscuits or pizza, and preparing perfectly cooked burgers and vegetables.

The grill comes with an easy-to-use Digital Control Center dial-in control that offers you the ultimate power from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit, and the ‘flame broiler’ that enables you to cook, both directly and indirectly, while also adding some spicy and savory flavor back to your food while channeling the extra grease away.

If you are the king barbeque griller in your neighborhood (or if you just want to outperform your neighbor) and you need a superior-quality and high-performance pellet grill, the Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill should be at the top of your shopping list. You cannot go wrong with it!

The Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill Review: General Features

In the era of wood pellet smokers, the Pit Boss brand has been by far the best in its category, championed by the incredible Pit Boss 71820FB Grill Unit.

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It comes with 820 square inches of cooking space and, like most large grills and flame broilers, has a simple slide-plate that ensures that you have full control of those open flame sears and charbroiling of steak, as well as a temperature control with LED readout.

The flame broiler helps you master your beef, chicken or lamb steaks and burgers offering a taste sensation that will rival your favorite steakhouse. Cast iron cooking has never been this straightforward and easy!

The most important and useful features of the 820 Pit Boss Grill are the first-class fan assisted convector and the amazingly resilient cast iron grates coated in porcelain enamel that prevents the system from rusting.

If you are a beginner or even an expert griller, then the Pit Boss should be your griller of choice. It makes everything about grilling and having a successful barbeque simple and effortless. All you have to do is to ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its set-up carefully.

It comes with a practical instruction guide and easy-to-follow diagrams. The grill can be set up in under five minutes five-minute as you only have to bolt the pieces together, and all its fixtures and fittings are of superior quality.

Another excellent feature is the electronic temperature control device and LED readout. The easy-to-operate digital temperature control center gives you comprehensive control from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit, and the LED readout runs from 180 degrees to 500. It seems excessive, but it’s great to have the option of incredibly high heat settings.

It is also easy to clean, maintain and offers a reliable and easy to access hopper that has a hollow core and jam-free food system. The Pit Boss is portable, thanks to a set of robust wheels and a sturdy carry-handle which allow you to roll it over most surfaces no matter how uneven they are.

If you are traveling or needing to move the grill further distances, the legs are easy to remove, and the whole grill can easily be stowed in the back of your truck or car.

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  • It gives you the fantastic second to second control dial-temperature that enables hands-off cooking
  • Custom and sleek unit design that gives you the zeal and motivation to put more effort into outdoor food preparation
  • Heavy duty and sturdy construction
  • Offers you convenience with the easy to access hopper with a hollow core and jam-free food system
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Easy to clean, maintain, set-up and effortless operation
  • It is affordable

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Any Shortfalls?

The Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill offers excellent value and puts the fun back into grilling thus making it hard to find fault with it during our review. Needless to say, amongst most pellet grill systems, the Pit Boss is far the most portable and easy-to-operate pellet grill system.

However, this excellent steak griller does have a couple of significant failings. First of all, it requires a gasket, which is not a part of the grill itself.

So you typically have to research one that would fit your pellet grill best and then purchase it separately, making the combo a bit more costly.

This issue can, however, be solved by consulting the manufacturer (the Pit Boss brand offers excellent customer support) on the best gasket for your grill and letting them help guide your decision making.

Secondly, according to many other customer reviews, the system leaks smoke and heat thus making it less energy-efficient than many of its competitors. So, if you are environmentally conscious the grill’s inefficiencies might be a stumbling block.


  • A constant power outlet is required
  • A separate gasket needs to be fitted
  • The system leaks smoke and is not energy-efficient

Is the Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill Worth Buying?

If you’re in the running for ‘best backyard cook’, then, unequivocally yes!- the Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill should be your grill of choice. It does have some failings, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Furthermore, this grill offers you an easy to operate electronic control that does an impressive job of regulating temperature; thus making your life far easier when you are sweating, trying to get a consistent cookout.

The Pit Boss 820 Pellet Grill is the perfect solution to your Saturday and Sunday barbeque and baking. With its matchless versatility and the flavor of real wood cooking, it gives you the zeal to smoke those juicy ribs, bake those salty biscuits and sear that steak with confidence, every time!

So if you have always wanted to make your family and friends your number one grilled steak fans, then give the Pit Boss Pellet Grill a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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