Best Splatter Screen for Fry Pans

Best Splatter Screen for Fry Pans

Anyone who’s cooked fried chicken, sausage, bacon, or any other dish involving hot oil is familiar with two key concepts. The first is that oil can reach ridiculously high temperatures and do untold damage to your skin. The other is that grease is almost impossible to clean from the stove top.

And the stove top isn’t the only place the grease ends up. It can splash onto the counters, floors, walls, and the cracks between the oven and your cabinet. If your microwave is situated over your oven, grease can sometimes even end up inside that.

But there is a simple, innovative way to make sure grease stays in the frying pan and out of the fire. It’s called a splatter screen.

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Best Basting Brush for Grilling

Best Basting Brush for Grilling

No matter whether you’re a novice or a master with the grill, a basting brush is an essential tool to have at your disposal. Basting brushes make life easier no matter whether you’re cooking a full ham or a few chicken pieces. A basting brush will let you slather on glaze, sauce, and oil to give your food the best possible flavoring.

Basting brushes are superior tools because they help protect your hand from the heat. Since they’re designed to be used at high temperatures, they’re a better option than your more fragile cookware.

Fortunately, a basting brush tends to be an economical investment. You can find most for less than 20 dollars. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know what will do the job most effectively.

The best basting brush will come with a long handle. It will also have bristles that can evenly distribute a large amount of liquid.

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Best Oil for Seasoning Carbon Steel Pan

Best Oil for Seasoning Carbon Steel Pan

Chances are, you’ve heard about how great cast iron is for cooking. But carbon steel is an alternative that gives you much of the same properties at a lighter weight.

Carbon steel is an efficient heat conductor, and it heats and cools faster than cast iron. In addition, carbon steel is a durable enough material that it’s likely to outlive most humans. Since carbon steel isn’t brittle, there’s no risk of shattering it when you drop it.

Carbon steel pans are made completely from composite metals. They don’t have any rubber or plastic, so you can use them in both the oven and the stove. Since carbon steel pans are made from naturally occurring material, they don’t have any of the unknown risks you’ll find with chemically synthesized cooking instruments.

However, carbon steel pans also don’t start as non-stick pans. Because of this, you need to season your carbon steel pan to make it non-stick. Thanks to the smooth surface of carbon steel, you shouldn’t need a great deal of resources or time to season it.

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Best Electric Potato Peeler

Best Electric Potato Peeler

Peeling potatoes is a task that can become boring and monotonous. It takes a long time, especially if you have a lot of potatoes to peel. Hand-peeling potatoes means you don’t get uniform peels, and it also causes a significant mess in your kitchen. Plus, potato peeling can become downright painful for people dealing with arthritis or other joint conditions.

But electric potato peelers are changing the game. As the name implies, these peelers use electricity to peel your potatoes for you. They wield the blade themselves so you don’t have to. They’re faster and more efficient than hand peelers, and they’ll make you excited about cooking again.

There are a multitude of electric peelers currently on the market. The best one for you will vary depending on your needs. Different peelers come with slightly different construction, accessories, and benefits. We’ve broken down our top three favorites to help you choose.

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Best Pot for Cooking Stew

Best Pot for Cooking Stew

Stews are delicious, easy-to-make meals which are perfect for midweek dinners. They’re always a hit, whether it’s just a cozy family meal in front of the fire, or perhaps a dinner party. The other great thing about stews is that they can be cooked in bulk and stored, ready for those evenings when you just don’t feel like cooking.

However, to make the perfect stew, you need the right appliances.

The most important thing is to have the best pot for cooking stew. The right pot will allow everything to cook perfectly, allowing for the most delicious flavours and the most melt-in-your mouth texture.

Unfortunately, the wrong pot can lead to meat being tough, chewy and even burned. Nothing will ruin a dinner party faster than finding out the meal you’ve put so many hours into has not gone to plan.

For this reason, you need a high quality stockpot that is made from durable materials. Other factors to take into account when choosing the best pot for cooking stew is the heat resistance of the handles, the quality of the lid, and any other advanced features that can help your meals cook to perfection.

Let’s take a look at the best pots for cooking stew currently on the market.

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Best French Press for Tea

Best French Press for Tea

If you’re a fan of tea, you probably also know how much frustration tea brewing can cause. There’s nothing worse than brewing a fresh cup and then discovering floating particles. But investing in a French press can change all that.

Throughout cultures all over the world, tea has traditionally been made by steeping dried leaves and spices. Many societies used clay pots to brew tea leaves, and then would remove the leaves after the steeping was complete.

Tea bags were invented early in the 1900s. The classic tea brewing style has been replaced in many areas by these tea bags, particularly in Western cultures. But older cooking methods are just as good as they always have been.

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