Best Nonstick Spatula for Turning Eggs

Best Non-Stick Spatula for Eggs

Cooking eggs is a fine art, and you need the right spatula to get the job done right. Using a spatula that will stick to your eggs causes ruination of all of your hard work and timing to get your eggs just the way you want them, and a metal spatula in a non-stick pan can ruin your skillet.

How do you know which type of spatula to use when you’re cooking your famous omelet or egg pancake? We’ll review a few types of spatulas here and give you our best choice for a non-stick spatula for your eggs.

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Best Dish Soap for Dry Hands and Sensitive Skin

Best Dish Soap for Dry Hands and Sensitive Skin

A dish soap that is good at cutting through grease and annihilating bacteria may not be so great for your hands. It can dry them out, causing them to be painful and the skin to crack.

When you’re looking for a dish soap, you ideally want the dish soap that doesn’t dry out your hands, one that can protect and moisturize it.

Don’t despair: there are such dish soaps out there, and many of them are great for the environment and for your health, too, because they use more naturally-derived ingredients.

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Best Microwave For Elderly With Dementia

Best Dementia Friendly Microwave

When a loved one has dementia, it can become dangerous to have some kitchen appliances around as they can become potential fire hazards. In this review, you will find the things to consider for buying the best microwave for elderly with dementia.

An easy to use dementia-friendly microwave helps a person maintain some independence in preparing meals without causing so much worry to you that they may hurt themselves.

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Best non-belgian Waffle Maker

Best Crispy Thin Waffle Maker

Last update January 2021

Waffles are probably one of the best breakfast foods invented. You can eat them in so many different ways–plain, with syrup or honey, covered in a fruit topping, with nuts, caramel–the list goes on. But not everyone loves Belgian waffles, some of us prefer a traditional (non-belgian) waffle and we need to have the best thin crispy waffle maker to make them.

You are very lucky indeed if you get waffles for lunch or dinner. If you are a waffle lover like I clearly am, then chances are you want a really good waffle maker so you can make your favorite brunch meal at home.

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