Best Non Dairy Ice Cream Maker for Home Use

an old traditional ice machine with ice cubes

Yummmmmm! Do you remember jingle of the ice cream truck on a hot summer afternoon? Ice cream is a childhood delight that can easily carry over into adulthood.

Did you know that if you are lactose intolerant or made a health decision to become vegan, ice cream is not out of the picture?

Milk? Eggs?

In the health food section of most grocery stores, there is a variety of plant-based non-dairy milk substitutes that can be used to make delicious frozen ice cream type desserts.

Sweet kinds of milk like coconut, make great ice cream or cashew and soy milk work well also. The best non-dairy ice cream is made with milk and egg substitutes that have a high-fat content to give it a creamy texture. Almond milk may contain too much water to give the ice cream the right consistency.

Size Matters

One thing that must be considered is counter space versus freezer space. Another consideration is quantity.

Do you want to make a large batch so you can freeze some or do you prefer to make fresh a fresh batch each time?

Ice cream makers come with specific batch capacities and, of course, the bigger the batch, the bigger the machine.

What Else?

Other attributes to consider is the type of paddle the machine has and how it performs. If you like a fluffy, light texture to your ice cream, choose a machine that folds in air bubbles to keep the texture from being too dense.

Also, if you like to add fruit, cookies, or candies to the batch, the machine you choose needs to have a spout opening large enough to accommodate adding these types of ingredients.

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Best Gas Grills Under $300

5 best gas grills under $300

Gas grills are a common staple and one of the most used outdoor appliances in many homes. Nothing just compares to the feeling of cooking meat onto a grill and getting to smell the flavors filling up the air. It’s not just for home use either — some gas grills are portable and can be taken during picnics and summer camps.

With technology continuously evolving, gas grill manufacturers also make sure that their products won’t get left behind. Today, gas grills are easily replacing the manual wood and charcoal grills once used and for good reason.

They’re way easier to use and save more time and energy. You won’t have to manually load charcoals and stir the ashes once in a while.

Controlling heat and cleaning up won’t be a problem as well. The only thing left to do is make sure that the gas tank is full. If it runs out, you can easily refill it.

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Best Pot for Making Caramel

If you’re a fan of delicious creamy caramel, and you want to create such delightful goodness for yourself, you’re going to need the right tool for the job, and in this case, the right device is a saucepan.

The perfect caramel sauce requires the ideal saucepan, and as the temperature drops, there’s no better treat to warm yourself, your family and your friends than a rich caramel sauce. You can dribble it on a freshly picked apple or make it into solid candies.

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Best Portable Charcoal Grill

5 best portable charcoal grill

When you get your first charcoal grill it seems to be a sign you are reaching true adulthood. Many people prefer charcoal to other forms of grilling because the taste can be outstanding.

There are many different kinds of charcoal on the market that will have a hint of mesquite or maybe apple wood.

Getting a portable charcoal grill is sometimes a better option than a full-size grill. Portable grills are usually cheaper, use less charcoal and are easy to take on the go. They are also ideal for small patios.

Charcoal grills are also more ideal for traveling since you don’t have to take propane with you. They can reach higher temperatures than propane.

Choosing the right grill will depend on your needs as well as brand preferences. Some questions to ask yourself before buying:

How heavy can it be?

Will you be feeding a lot of people and need a larger cooking area?

What kind of storage space do you have for it?

Do you have a brand preference?

How much do you want to spend?

Will you be using it for camping, tailgating, home grilling or some other use?

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