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Best Super Absorbent Coaster for Sweaty Drinks

We all love to have our friends and family over to enjoy good conversation over a few drinks of our favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

However, entertaining can soon become a nightmare if your guests accidentally leave water marks on your prized furniture pieces. These marks can be almost impossible – and very expensive – to repair.

Sometimes, we are even guilty of this ourselves – a carelessly placed glass can easily ruin a wooden surface. Therefore, it is important to have proper coasters to protect your valuable possessions from unsightly marks.

Unfortunately, not all coasters are created equal. Some coasters might do the job of keeping water off of your furniture, but manage to damage it themselves with a sharp underside. Other coasters may look great, but are almost useless once damp.

Therefore, we have found some of the best options available for you. These coasters will not only keep your furniture safe from water marks or scratches, but they also look great, and fit all décor styles.

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Best Bleach to Clean Coffee Pot and Maker

Many housekeepers have a favorite brand of bleach they use to clean things. Equally, many have an opinion on the best bleach for cleaning the coffee pot.

It is important to clean this household item completely. When using bleach, the non-chlorine brands are popular for cleaning the coffee machine. Nevertheless, it is wonderful for keeping the outside of your coffee maker looking great.

However, if bleach is the preferred cleanser prepare a watered down solution to use in cleaning your coffee maker.

Bleach is great for cleaning dozens of things in your house including the accumulation of stain and residue in the brew maker.

Too much bleach is not good for the internal structure of your coffee maker and may cause it excessive wear.

Any cleaning agent may leave a bit of a taste in the machine. This is why washing it thoroughly after cleaning is so important and careful use of bleach.

The cleaner the pot is kept, the better the coffee taste. Using water that fits the coffee pot best makes the best cup of coffee and reduces residue.

Bottled water fits this purpose, spring, or distilled water assist in keeping your coffee pot cleaner than regular tap water.

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Best Dishwashing Liquid for Sensitive Hands

A dish soap that is good at cutting through grease and annihilating bacteria may not be so great for your hands. It can dry them out, causing them to be painful and the skin to crack.

When you’re looking for a dish soap, you ideally want the dish soap that doesn’t dry out your hands, one that can protect and moisturize it.

Don’t despair: there are such dish soaps out there, and many of them are great for the environment and for your health, too, because they use more naturally-derived ingredients.

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