Best Nori Sheets for Sushi

Sushi is a delicious and healthy meal, but it can be a challenge to prepare it at home. It’s always disappointing to discover that your sushi doesn’t taste as good as what you’ve enjoyed in restaurants. One of the biggest reasons for the discrepancy is the quality of seaweed wrap that is used.

The seaweed wrapping is one of the key parts of sushi, and what brand and type you choose can make or break your sushi. At its best, seaweed wrap for sushi is healthy, delicious and the consistency is just right — but poor quality sushi wrapping lacks flavour, and can be too chewy.

At a Glance – the Best Nori Sheets for Sushi

Brand NameOrganic?Product OriginNo. of sheets
#1. Daechun
Our Best Pick

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DependsKorea50 full or 100 half

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YesJapan10, 50 or 100
#3. Hime

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NoChina10 large
#4. Sushi Maker Set

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environmental friendlyChina10 pieces set

Taste is not the only reason why investing in good quality sushi wraps is important. Lower quality wraps will not last as long, meaning that you can’t prepare sushi to enjoy later. On the other hand, high quality sushi wraps will last for much longer without becoming chewy or stale.

Generally, there is not much price difference between high and low quality sushi wraps, especially if you are only planning on making a small quantity of sushi. Therefore, it’s certainly worth spending a few extra dollars to get the best quality sushi wrapping.

One quick note — you might find that the higher quality seaweed wrap for sushi tears more easily than its cheap counterparts. In order to add just the right amount of moisture to the wrap, it’s a good idea to let the rice sit on the wrapping for about 10 seconds before you roll it. This will allow just a little bit of moisture to seep into the wrapping, and prevent tearing.

Before starting with the ranking let me show you a very useful and complete sushi maker set to have. It is made of  bamboo and it brings two rolling mat, one rice spreader, one sushi blade, five chopsticks with a hand write draw and practical cloth bag so you can carry your chopstick or keep them all together in one place. If you are a beginner sushi maker or you might like to change you sushi tool once in a while this could be one option to have in mind.

KitchenQuake Sushi Maker Set


#1. ONE ORGANIC Sushi Nori Premium Roasted Organic Seaweed

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These seaweed sheets from ONE ORGANIC are some of the best sushi wrappings you can buy. They are not the cheapest sheets to buy, however they are great quality and will impress even the pickiest of sushi chefs!

We love that these sushi sheets are totally organic and free of any harmful chemicals. They are also free from genetic engineering (GMOs), pesticides or antibiotics.

The seaweed is grown and processed in natural seawater, before it is shredded and mixed with water. It is then dried and cut into sheets which are ideal for sushi making as well as other tasks.

The sheets are beautifully crisp, and can last for many days. The thickness is ideal because it doesn’t tear too easily, but is also not chewy. Unlike cheap and low-quality seaweed wrapping, the texture is consistent, without holes or bumps.

You can buy packs of 10, 50 or 100 sheets of the seaweed. The 50 or 100 sheets offer the best value, although 10 sheets can be good for testing out the product. We appreciate that the sheets come in a resealable bag which is convenient and keeps the seaweed perfectly fresh.

#2. Daechun Sushi Nori

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Daechun has been producing and selling high-quality sushi sheets since the 1970s, so they are very experienced! A family run company, they pride themselves on their high quality sea weeding sushi wrappings.

There is an organic and non-organic option for the sheets, which is great as it allows you, the consumer, to decide whether price or organic production is more important to you. Both types of seaweed sheets have no added substances, and are grown in unpolluted waters in Korea.

Daechun roasts its seaweed sheets twice to make sure that it is perfectly crispy and also that the delicious deep flavour is locked in. They have many quality-control procedures that make sure that each and every sheet is very high quality.

As you should expect with good quality nori, the seaweed sheets melt in your mouth, and do not become chewy even if you are storing your sushi for a while. It stays delicious and fresh!

You can buy either 50 full sheets or 100 half-sheets of this gold grade nori. The bag is resealable for ease of use and to make sure that the seaweed sheets reman fresh and delicious.

#3. Hime Seaweed Sushi Nori

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If you are looking for a more affordable option that is still great quality, then this Hime Seaweed Sushi Nori might be just perfect for you.

This sushi comes in large sheets that have perforated edges so that it can easily be cut int strips for making sushi. It also means that these seaweed sheets are ideal for other kinds of cooking, such as making onigiri.

These sheets are very high quality, with a consistent and crisp texture that is just perfect for making sushi. It has a subtle but excellent flavour, and stays nice and crisp. You might need to be extra careful using these sheets as they can tear easily.

Overall, they are very good nori sheets for a very good price, although the quality is not quite as high as the others on this list.

And the winner is…

All of these options are great for making sushi, however our number one recommendation is the Daechun Sushi Nori. Not only is this exceptional, gold quality sushi, but we appreciate the choice between the organic and non-organic sheets. This allows you to make an informed decision about what product you would prefer.

With these sushi seaweed wrappings, you will get excellent results every time. You can expect delicious, melt in your mouth sushi wrapping, that doesn’t tear too easily. Plus when you are done with the wrapping, you can simply reseal the bag and easily store it away.

Although the price is a little more expensive than some options, it is well worth it for the fantastic quality.

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