Best Rice for Sushi

Sushi is an incredibly delicious thing to cook and eat, however it is not easy to get it right. We have all been disappointed when our sushi has not turned out the way we’d hoped.

One of the main problems with making your own sushi is choosing the appropriate rice. What kind of rice you use in sushi can make all of the difference — you can’t just use regular rice and expect your sushi to be restaurant quality.

Why, you may ask? Well, because sushi rice requires a higher starch content so as to allow the rice to absorb more water and become “sticky”. Sushi rice should be soft and moist and melt in your mouth — regular varieties like Basmati rice are too dry for sushi.

That’s why it’s important to get proper sushi rice to make sure you get great results. By getting special “sushi”, “japonica” or “calrose” rice, then you can make sure that the sushi you cook at home is delicious.

However, not all sushi rice was created equal! Even if you buy the right type of rice and prepare it to perfection, bad quality rice can still ruin your sushi. You want rice that will soak up water and become sticky (but never soggy), and stay fresh and light, even if you don’t eat the sushi right away.

Therefore, it’s very important you pick the best rice for sushi. Here are some of the best options for sushi rice, and which one is our most favourite.

The Best Rice for Sushi at a Glance

Brand NameQuantityType of RiceOrganic?Origin
#1. Nishiki
Our Best Pick

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5 lb (2.25 kg)Medium grainNoUSA
#2. Tamaki Gold

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4.4 lb (2 kg)Short grainNoUSA
#3. Botan Calrose

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15/20 lb (7/9 kg)Medium grainNoUSA
#4. RiceSelect

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2 lb (900g)Short grainNoUSA
#5. Lundberg

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1 lb (450g)VariesYesUSA

#1. Botan Calrose sushi rice

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For more than sixty years, Botan has been producing exceptional quality sushi rice in California in the United States. If you want high-quality sushi rice that meets all of the US standards, then Botan is a great choice.

This rice is medium grain, making it ideal for making sushi.

The Botan Calrose rice comes in several different sizes, including 15 or 20 pound bags. It’s great if you generally buy your sushi rice in bulk, and it won’t run out for a long time.

#2. Tamaki Gold Rice Sushi

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Produced by Tamaki, another brand with decades of experience crafting delicious sushi rice, this is a great option if you want to make delicious sushi. This brand is famous worldwide thanks to its exceptional quality.

This rice is short grain, and has been milled. It is ideal for making sushi and that is what it is most famously known for.

This rice comes in smaller qualities, in bags of 4.4 pounds. This means its an ideal product if you don’t want to use and store a larger bag of rice. It’s also a resealable bag, which is very convenient.

#3. Nishiki Medium Grain Rice

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Grown in California, Nishiki is a highly respected name in sushi making, thanks to its exceptional quality and taste. Its medium grain rice is among the most popular types of rice for making delicious sushi each and every time.

This rice is very easy to cook to perfect for sushi, and stays moist and fluffy. As well as being used for sushi, it can also be used for other types of cooking such as stir fries. The taste of this rice really is exceptional, and will add quality to any dish.

This rice is sold in 5 pound bags, which are convenient to use and store. They are available to be bought in bulk for those who use a lot of sushi rice.

#4. RiceSelect Sushi Rice

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We love this high quality sushi rice for its delicious taste and ease of cooking. If you are looking for a great brand of sushi rice in convenient packaging, this is a great option.

Grown and packaged in Texas and certified non-GMO (genetically modified), this is a great quality product that meets all US standards. It is short grain rice which remains fluffy and sticky when cooked. As well as sushi, this rice can be used in all kinds of other dishes such as teriyaki and rice pudding.

We especially love how this sushi rice comes in a screw-top jar for easy use and storage. This means that this rice lasts for a long time, and there’s no problem easily storing them away in your pantry.

#5. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Sushi Rice

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For those looking for the healthiest option for making sushi rice, then Lundberg’s offering is likely to be just perfect. This rice is certified organic, gluten free and non-GMO. Plus, it is vegan and kosher so everyone can enjoy it.

This product is famous for its exceptional quality and taste, while Lundberg are also well-known for their sustainable farming practices. So, not only does this rice taste great, but you can also feel good about using it, as well!

This rice comes in several varieties including Black Japonica, Black Pearl and classic Organic Sushi Rice. The bag is 16 ounces, and has a resealable top for convenience. It’s recommended that the rice is stored in the fridge.

And the winner is…

We love all of these sushi rice brands and the way that they make sure that your sushi is absolutely perfect and totally delicious.

Of all three, our favourite is the Nishiki Medium Grain rice. This rice is world-famous and well-respected for a reason, that being its exceptional flavour, texture and quality. If you really want to impress with your sushi making, you should definitely consider Nishiki Medium Grain Rice!

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