Best Saucepan For Boiling Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are very versatile and nutritious. Boiling eggs is easy and quick to do, and they complement cuisines from all over the world.

You might eat some in your salad, or even with Korean food you cook. Devilled eggs are a great snack for parties, and you might eat some for breakfast, too.

Choosing a pan that is heavy enough to keep a good amount of heat in is ideal. However, you don’t want a pan that keeps in too much heat and overcooks your eggs.

BrandType of LidStainless or Non-StickAvailable SizesType of Metal(s)
#1. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic
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Glass with one hole on left side for pouring off liquidStainless2- or 3-quartStainless steel with aluminum bottom
#2. Cooks Standard

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Stainless steel with no pour spout holeStainless1.5- and 3-quartStainless steel with aluminum core
#3. Maxware Classic

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Glass lidNon-stick, hard anodized exterior1-, 2-, 3-quartDurable metal, not stainless steel
#4. Maifan Stone Nonstick Saucepan

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Glass lidNon-stick2 quartDurable metal, maifan stone
#5. Saucepan with Swivel Strainer

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Glass lidStainless Steel 1 and 2 quartStainless Steel

Notes about Non-Stick and Stainless Steel

In general, it is healthier to cook in stainless steel as the material in non-stick pans sometimes comes off and gets in your food or corrodes. Stainless steel can also be put in the oven.

There may be instructions with a stainless steel pan that you shouldn’t use high heat with the pan. Make sure to follow those instructions.

Still, some people prefer to cook with non-stick pans because they don’t have to worry about food sticking to the bottom of the pan. Stainless steel pans require oil to prevent burning.

However, if you are boiling water in your saucepans for eggs, you don’t need to worry about this too much. If you’re going to use the saucepan for other purposes, you may consider whether you want stainless steel or non-stick.

1. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Saucepan

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Cuisinart has a solid reputation in the world of cooking. Their products are known to be of good quality.

Their Chef’s Classic saucepan comes in two sizes: 2- or 3-quart, so you can choose the one that is best for the number of eggs you like to boil at one time. Or, better yet, you can get both sizes to suit a variety of cooking purposes.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel with a cool grip handle, meaning you won’t burn your hand when you grab the handle. The bottom of the pan is covered in aluminum. This allows the pan to heat well and evenly.

The glass lid on the pan allows you to view what you’re cooking without needing to remove the lid. This keeps the heat in. There are holes on the sides of the lid that match the pour spout.

When you’re ready to pour off the water after boiling eggs, you can do so without having to use a colander or to fish out the eggs with a utensil. This keeps your eggs from cracking so often as well

One drawback to the pour spout lid is that it is on the left side of the pot. There are not two pour spouts on either side of the pan.

So if you’re left-handed and hold the pot with your left hand, the spout is on the other side of the pan. Some users have reported the glass lid shattering. This seems to be rare, but you might consider the possibility.

2. Cooks Standard Stainless Steel Sauce Pan

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With the Cooks Standard Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, you also have two choices in size: 1.5 and 3 quarts. This pan is made of stainless steel with an aluminum core moves heat quickly.

However, the problem with it is that it dents easily. The stainless steel covering helps prevent that from happening, though, as well as to regulate and distribute the heat.

The stainless steel also helps the pan not to warp from hot spots. The handle of the pot has “air-flow” technology that helps keep it cool.

This pan does not have a glass lid, but it does come with a secure-fitting stainless steel lid. There is no pour spout.

3. Maxware Classic Professional Non-stick Sauce Pan

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This saucepan from Maxware comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-quart sizes. It is not made of stainless steel but instead of a heavy-duty construction with a non-stick coating. It allows food to cook evenly, come out quickly, and the pan is quick to clean.

The pan comes with a glass lid with a cool and durable grip. There is a steam hole on the lid as well. The exterior is dense and hard anodized, which increases its resistance.

One user said that the handle is hollow, and it has two small holes that fill with water and which leak when put in the dishwasher. The plastic covering on the handles in the middle leaves a black residue after it’s washed, as well, this user said.

4. Maifan Stone Nonstick Saucepan

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Made of maifan stone with a glass top with an ergonomic and comfortable handle. Its interior is coated with non-stick material. It is the ideal size to boil a couple of eggs, making it practical for small kitchens. Can be used in gas or induction cooker

5. Saucepan with Swivel Strainer

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This stainless steel saucepan has a built-in rotating strainer that can be removed and can also be used without the strainer. Due to its size it allows to boil many eggs at the same time.

It has a vented glass lid and a handle on top, also has handles on each side of the saucepan which make it very practical when draining. It is also non-stick, which makes cleaning quick and easy.

This is the most complete saucepan of all because it has an included strainer and it is very useful for cooking pasta and vegetables as well.


Final Verdict

Choose a pan that is the right size for the number of eggs that you want to boil at one time. That is easy with any of these pans. Additionally, they all distribute heat evenly, which is important for boiling eggs.

However, of the five, the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic saucepan is the best choice for boiling eggs. It is stainless, which is durable and means you don’t have to deal with a non-stick surface coming off in your food when you cook.

The glass lid is an added plus since you don’t have to take the lid off to see how the eggs are cooking. The pour spouts on either side of the pan and the holes in the lid to drain the water make it easy, whether you’re left- or right-handed.

How To Cook Boiled Eggs So They Peel Easy

Questions People Often Ask about boiling eggs

Do you cover the pot when boiling eggs?

One question people ask about boiling eggs is whether to use a lid when boiling eggs.  First, put your eggs in the pan without a lid. Then add water, and bring it to a full boil. Keeping the lid off will slow the heating and cut down on the chance of the egg shells cracking.

Finally, too cook a soft boiled egg, the key is timing. Bring your water to a boil, then turn it down to a fast simmer. Add the eggs to your pot, and then start your timer.

Five minutes is great for one or two eggs. You can cook as long as seven minutes for a firmer yolk. Three or four eggs will require a few extra seconds. If you’re cooking more than four eggs, it’s best to cook in batches.

How do you make a perfect soft boiled egg?

If you have an instant pot, and you prefer to use it for boiling eggs, add one cup of water. Then fill the bottom of the pot rack with as many eggs as you want.

If you have a steamer basket, that is preferable to use. Close the lid, and turn the instant pot on for five minutes on high pressure. When the cooking cycle is finished, let the pressure decline naturally for another five minutes.

Then do the quick pressure release. With the five minutes to build pressure at the beginning of the cycle, that makes a total of about 15 minutes. Put them into cool water if you want to peel them immediately. This also stops the cooking process.

How To Tell the Difference Between an Unboiled and a Hard-Boiled Egg

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