Best Pot for Cooking Stew

Stews are delicious, easy-to-make meals which are perfect for midweek dinners. They’re always a hit, whether it’s just a cozy family meal in front of the fire, or perhaps a dinner party. The other great thing about stews is that they can be cooked in bulk and stored, ready for those evenings when you just don’t feel like cooking.

However, to make the perfect stew, you need the right appliances.

The most important thing is to have the best pot for cooking stew. The right pot will allow everything to cook perfectly, allowing for the most delicious flavours and the most melt-in-your mouth texture.

Unfortunately, the wrong pot can lead to meat being tough, chewy and even burned. Nothing will ruin a dinner party faster than finding out the meal you’ve put so many hours into has not gone to plan.

For this reason, you need a high quality stockpot that is made from durable materials. Other factors to take into account when choosing the best pot for cooking stew is the heat resistance of the handles, the quality of the lid, and any other advanced features that can help your meals cook to perfection.

Let’s take a look at the best pots for cooking stew currently on the market.

Brand NameCapacityMaterialWeight
#1. All-Clad 4512
Our Best Pick

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16 quarts / 18 litresTri-ply stainless steel4.99kg
#2. Cuisinart 766-26

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12 quarts / 13 litresStainless steel/aluminium1.36kg
#3. Le Creuset Enamel on steel

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8 quarts / 9 litresStainless steel/enamel2.54kg

#1. Cuisinart 766-26 Chef’s Classic 12-Quart Stockpot with Cover

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This stockpot’s low price tag defies what a great quality item it is. Made by Cuisinart, one of the leading names in kitchenware, it is an excellent choice for cooking delicious stews.

It is made from stylish stainless-steel coated aluminium, and looks fantastic. Any chef would be proud to have this great looking pot in their kitchen! Not only does the material look great, but it also ensures even heat distribution for the perfect cook.

The stockpot also has a matching lid, as well as comfortable and heat resistant handles for easy use and transport. There is also a tapered edge to help make it easy to pour.

The pot itself is safe to put in the oven at up to 550 degrees fahrenheit, which means there is a lot of variety in what you can cook in this stockpot. Just note that although the stockpot is safe to use in the oven, the lid is not.

The Cuisinart 766-26 has a capacity of up to 12 quarts, meaning you can cook very large portions in this stockpot. It’s perfect for those who like to cook in bulk, whether for themselves or for parties.

Best of all, Cuisinart are so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

#2. All-Clad 4512 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply

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All-Clad is one of the best known names in cookware and, as expected, they well and truly deliver with this exceptional offering.

Made from 3-ply bonded stainless steel, this pot boasts both form and function. It looks beautiful with its glossy stainless steel finish. It’s also coated in a thick resistant coating, so that food will not stick to the interior or exterior.

Plus, the 3-ply stainless steel is excellent for conducting heat and leading to perfect results every time. You won’t need to worry about your meals being over or under cooked in this stockpot!

This is also the largest stockpot on our list at 16-quarts. This is a huge capacity that makes it perfect for entertainers and those who like to cook in bulk.

In addition, the All-Clad stainless steel stockpot is oven safe up to 600 degrees F, even with the lid on. This means that it is perfect if your stew recipe includes baking.

All-Clad offers a lifetime warranty on this great stockpot.

#3. Le Creuset Enamel on steel

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While stainless steel is a common choice for stockpots, enamel is another great option. This is because enamel stockpots are easy to clean, offer consistent heating quickly, and can be used in ovens at very high heat.

That’s why I love this offering from Le Creuset. It is a bit of an investment up-front, however it is a premier quality product that will last for decades. With this stockpot, you can expect to produce exceptional quality stews time and time again.

With a French design, this crockpot looks beautiful with its ombre finish, and will surely be a centrepiece of any kitchen. It comes in several different colours so that you can match it to the decor of your kitchen. One drawback is that it is quite a heavy pot.

Of course, the way it cooks is even more important than how it looks, and this stockpot certainly produces exceptional results. The heat distributes evenly, meaning that each meal is cooked to perfection. It is also safe to use on induction cooktops, as well as electric and gas stoves.

The design is ultra-durable – this is the kind of product you buy once and never replace. The exterior is very resistant to chipping or scratching, and there is a lifetime warranty due to Le Creuset’s confidence in the product.

The capacity is 8 quarts as standard, although there is a larger (more expensive) version.

And the winner is…

As you can see, each of these stock pots are great additions to your kitchen. One of the biggest factors you will need to consider is your budget – the Cuisinart Stockpot is by the far the most affordable on this list, however this does mean it not quite the same quality as the others.

Of the three, the best overall quality, in my view, is the All-Clad 4512 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply.

Not only does this have the largest capacity of all, making it very versatile, but it is also oven safe up to 600 degrees. I also appreciate that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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