Best Muffin Pan for Eggs

Plenty of people are discovering the trend of making eggs in muffin pans. It’s true that you can bake an exquisite, savory treat with eggs and cheese and vegetables. But some pans are better for this experiment than others.

With eggs and bakeware, the biggest priority should be preventing food from sticking. The best non-stick material is silicone. If you invest in silicone pans, make sure they meet FDA standards for food silicone safety.

Steel is an acceptable alternative. A non-stick steel pan will often be as effective as silicone. The coating may wear off over time, though.

Comparison Table

Brand NameCups in PanMicrowave SafeMaterial
#1. Keliwa 12 Cup Muffin Cupcake Pan
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12 cupsYesSilicone
#2. KPKitchen Silicone Muffin Baking Pan Set

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12 cups & 24 cupsYesSilicone
#3. Hit Delights Muffin Pan

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12 cupsCups, yes; pan, noSteel pan; silicone cups
#4. Wilton Recipe 12-Cup Muffin Pan

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12 cups (2 pack)NoSteel

Top Best Muffin Pans for Eggs

#1. Keliwa 12 Cup Muffin Cupcake Pan

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This muffin pan is made out of FDA-approved silicone. The construction is BPA free, and the design is safe for the dishwasher and microwave. The pan is also heat-resistant at temperatures up to 450 F.

These pans come with a bright, cheerful color. They’re sized to fit easily into an oven regardless of size. Thanks to the non-stick coating, there’s no need for wrappers or cooking spray. Eggs also don’t stick to silicone.

Silicone has been proven to have excellent heat regulation and dispersion capabilities. It’s easy to follow recipes to the precise degree.

Cleaning is quick and easy. You can stick the pan in the dishwasher after you use it, or you can simply wash it with hot and soapy water. When the pan is clean, all you have to do is fold it into a storage space. Silicone is flexible enough to allow folding and unfolding without damage.

#2. KPKitchen Silicone Muffin Baking Pan Set

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This is a set of baking pans rather than a singular pan. It’s ideal if you want to add multiple muffin pans to your kitchenware. One pan has 12 regular-sized muffin spaces, while another has 24 mini-sized muffin spaces. You can make eggs in both of them.

The silicone design of these pans provides a non-stick guarantee. Your eggs will separate easily from the walls, so there’s no need to worry about cooking spray.

Silicone non-stick pans are different from metal ones. The pan can be easily placed in the dishwasher, or you can clean it with soap and warm water. There’s no need to leave the pan soaking for hours to dislodge burnt-on food.

These pans meet the FDA silicone standards, but they go beyond that as well. The company ensures that their silicone is LFGB-grade and non-toxic, surpassing the current FDA standards.

The pan can be used in your freezer, oven, toaster, and microwave. No matter how you want to make your eggs, you have the freedom. There are also endless other baked goods you can create.

This pan set also comes with a free recipe eBook.

#3. Hit Delights Muffin Pan

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This muffin pan is an interesting blend of silicone and steel. The main part of the tin is made from steel, so the pan reaps the benefits of the even heat distribution and durability. But each of the cups is lined with silicone. This makes the pan a perfect one for egg-making.

You get all the non-stick benefits of silicone without sacrificing the quality of steel. Eggs, muffins, and other baked goods pop easily from the liners. You don’t have to do any pre-greasing.

The pan can be washed in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand. Thanks to the silicone liners, cleanup is hassle-free. Food easily peels away from the walls rather than burning onto it.

The cups are safe for the oven, microwave, and freezer. They’re also BPA free. Since they’re reusable, they’re a more sustainable alternative to paper liners. You’ll save money while cutting down on overall waste.

#4. Wilton Recipe 12-Cup Muffin Pan

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This is a pack of 2 pans, each with 12 cups. The regular muffin pans are constructed entirely of steel, without any silicone elements. As such, they’re not safe for the microwave.

The heavy construction allows each tin to heat evenly. The steel has been covered with a non-stick coating, making the tins particularly easy to clean. They’re safe for use in the dishwasher.

There are a number of convenience features that make these pans unique. The edges have been widened slightly, so it’s easier to grip the pan with oven mitts. The reinforced non-stick coating lets food pop out easily, and the company has made sure the pans are easy to clean.

Non-stick coatings on steel pans do tend to wear down over time. A steel non-stick pan may not last as long as a silicone pan. However, it’s an affordable alternative to a more involved silicone pan.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to make eggs by using a muffin pan, it’s hard to beat the construction of silicone. Eggs don’t stick to silicone pans. Since silicone is naturally non-stick, it also tends to last longer than traditional non-stick coatings.

For people who prefer the feel of steel pans, the Hit Delights pan is a good compromise. You get the heat distribution and feel of steel, but the silicone liners give you all the non-stick benefits of silicone.

The Keliwa pan is an affordable silicone option that can be used for versatile purposes. If you’re gravitating toward total silicone, this one may suit you. The KPKitchen is ideal for those looking for a multi-pan set.

If you prefer to bake with traditional stainless steel, you’ll get best egg results with non-stick cookware. The Wilton set of 2 pans comes with a number of convenience features. The pans are easier to maneuver than many others, easy to clean, and versatile.

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