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If you’re a fan of tea, you probably also know how much frustration tea brewing can cause. There’s nothing worse than brewing a fresh cup and then discovering floating particles. But investing in a French press can change all that.

Throughout cultures all over the world, tea has traditionally been made by steeping dried leaves and spices. Many societies used clay pots to brew tea leaves, and then would remove the leaves after the steeping was complete.

Tea bags were invented early in the 1900s. The classic tea brewing style has been replaced in many areas by these tea bags, particularly in Western cultures. But older cooking methods are just as good as they always have been.

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Brand NameVolumeColorHandle
#1. SterlingPro
French Coffee Press
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1 literChrome and redErgonomic
#2. Kuissential Stainless Steel French Press

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34 ouncesStainless steelStainless steel
#3. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

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34 ouncesBlack and redComfortable

Brewing Tea in a French Press

It doesn’t actually take much more time to use a French press for your tea instead of a teabag. You fill the container with loose tea leaves and then cover it with a press. The press holds a filtering screen. This filter process helps keep the steeped leaves from entering your cup.

You do have to boil your water in a separate container to brew the tea. But with traditional teabags, you have to boil water to begin with. After you’ve boiled your water to the proper temperature, you pour it onto the loose tea leaves. The flavor can then develop fully.

After the tea is done steeping, all you have to do is press on the plunger and pour your tea into your teacup.

Tea lovers all over the world say that the French press is the ideal tea-brewing method. It has a large area to allow the tea to steep, meaning you can make a large quantity of tea at one time. There’s also a noticeable difference in flavor.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Your French Press

The best way to use a French press for tea is to decide beforehand exactly how much tea you’ll be steeping. Even after the tea leaves are pressed to the bottom of the container, they will continue to steep.

French presses are theoretically able to halt the steeping process when they press the leaves flat. However, this often doesn’t work in practice. Leaves might keep steeping into the water. This causes tannins to be released, which in turn makes your tea bitter. If you’re worried that over-steeping might occur, you should only use the amount of tea you anticipate you’ll need.

To use a French press effectively, you need slightly more precision than you’d use to microwave your water. But the quality of your tea will also be significantly better.

There are a number of French presses on the market that are great to use to brew your tea.

The Best French Presses for Tea

#1. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

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This 34-ounce coffee and tea maker is available in black or red. It provides the purest way to extract the essential oils from tea leaves. The goal is to turn any coffee or tea into a gourmet experience.

This coffee maker comes with a protected design, including an attractive and unique insulated outer shell. This helps prevent cracks and chips in the coffee pitcher. Unlike many other French presses, this coffee maker doesn’t rust.

The comfortable handle is both durable and sturdy. It’s designed to allow effortless pouring. In addition, the coffee maker is designed with a BPA-free lid. No plastic comes into contact with your tea while it’s brewing.

The coffee maker is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel filter screen can also be easily detached for cleaning purposes. It has a quiet operation, making it ideal for work office environments.

#2. Kuissential Stainless Steel French Press

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This is another great option from a great brand. Since the press only has a capacity of 34 ounces, you won’t quite get eight cups out of it. But you should be able to serve several cups.

The French press is made out of stainless steel and features double wall insulation. This allows for the inside temperature to be regulated, holding an ideal brewing temperature from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the stainless steel makes it a much more durable option than many common glass French presses.

Like the other options on the list, the Kuissential French press is safe for use in your dishwasher, so cleaning is simple.

#3. SterlingPro French Coffee Press

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SterlingPro makes one of the highest quality French presses on the market today. In fact, the quality is so high that many other brands use this press as a model for comparison.

The SterlingPro is capable of brewing 1 tea liter at a time. Instead of stainless steel, this press is made out of borosilicate glass. The durable frame helps protect the glass to ensure it lasts a long time.

The SterlingPro comes with two replacement stainless steel screens for free. You can also choose between a bold red or a sleek chrome coloring.

Final Thoughts

French presses are a great way to elevate the tea-drinking experience. There are a number on the market that are high-quality. The best one for you will vary depending on your needs.

You can’t go wrong with the SterlingPro. It will give you one liter of tea at a time. You’ll also get replacement screens for free.

If you want a stainless steel option instead of glass, the Kuissential is a great choice. Just be aware that it won’t quite give you the 8 cups it advertises.

The Kona press is good if you’re concerned with environmental friendliness. It also has the easiest handle for pouring and maneuvering.

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