Best Coffee Thermos For Hunting

Since the best deer hunting happens in the coldest months of the year, the first thing you need to pack is a thermos that has what it takes to keep that coffee hot.

Some caffeinated drinks are meant to be served cold but coffee isn’t one of them.

Investing in a quality thermos should be taken at least as seriously as when you’re considering a new gun.

Bargain basement weapons could cause you to miss the shot of a lifetime, and a discount thermos will leave you with the same feeling when you expect something hot and end up with a sip that’s barely warm.

If you simply typed “thermos” in a search bar you would find hundreds of different brands, and likely end up with a bad case of “information overload.”

They may all serve the same purpose but some do it better than others with custom features.

The ability to take rough treatment and the length of time a thermos can keep liquids hot are the two most important features to look for in any thermos.

Unless two cups will get you through the entire day, the next most important feature is capacity.

To avoid spending hours online searching for the perfect thermos and risking a headache, take a look at the following comparison data.

BrandSizeHeat Retention
#1. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle
Our Best Pick

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16 Ounces 32 Hours
#2. Thermos Stainless King
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68 Ounces24 Hours
#3. Thermos Stainless King

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40 Ounces 24 Hours
#4. Thermos The Rock Work Series

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33 Ounces24 Hours
#5. MIRA Classic Stainless Steel

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40 Ounces24 Hours
#6. Isosteel VA-9553Q

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34 OuncesNo data available
#7. Isosteel Va-9552q

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25 Ounces24 Hours
#8. YETI Rambler S

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20 OuncesNo data available
#9. Liquid Savvy’s

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30 Ounces24 Hours
#10. VAVA Stainless

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17 Ounce24 Hours

1. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

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The durability of a Stanley Thermos is legendary, and unless lost or stolen, they last a lifetime. With a hammertone powder coat and stainless steel body, you could run over this thermos with a truck and it will still keep your drink hot or cold.

In fact, the owners of the Stanley brand are so sure of this thermos, it comes with a lifetime warranty. It won’t leak so you can fill it at home and pack it wherever it fits with no worries, and when you’re ready for a drink, the insulated lid does double-duty as an 8oz cup.

Double wall Vacuum insulation is why this thermos is able to keep liquids hot for so long. Speaking of heat, the wide mouth on this classic means you can fill it with ease, keeping your fingers safe, plus giving you room to work with when it’s time to clean.

2. Thermos Stainless King 68 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Beverage Bottle, Matte Black

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The Thermos brand has been around keeping drinks hot or cold for well over a century, and you don’t stay in business that long without being very good at what you do. Double walled, stainless steel durability and years of experience make this thermos one of the best deals on the market.

Vacuum (empty air) between the walls is what stabilizes the internal temperature but it also keeps the outside cool when hot liquids are inside, or with a cold beverage there won’t be any sweat on the exterior. You won’t burn your hand holding it or drop it because it’s slick.

68 ounces is a lot of coffee and with a “twist and pour” stopper, it’s much easier to get to with this thermos. When you’re pushed for time is the moment this feature really comes in handy, and for 24 hours your last cup will be as hot as your first.

The featured fold-flat handle actually serves two purposes. The same handle you use to carry it along also serves for balance and stability when pouring. Unless your hand fits the circumference of a thermos, trying to aim and pour hot liquid into a cup can be challenging.

3. Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Stainless Steel

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This Stainless King is another example of the quality you can expect from the Thermos brand. Temperature retention for hot or cold beverages is excellent due to its double wall design and you can expect that to continue for at least 24 hours.

Its stainless steel body is virtually indestructible. Example – you could knock it off the edge of a tree stand and it might bounce when it hit the ground but it wouldn’t break. Also, as long as you had the twist and pour stopper on correctly, you wouldn’t spill your coffee either.

Whether your hunting or out for a hike, the more you carry gear around, the heavier it gets. Nothing extra is needed with this 40oz. It comes with its own cup so you don’t have to remember to pack one or find a convenient place to put it when not in use.

4. Thermos The Rock Work Series 1.1 Quart Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle

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Introducing “The Rock,” yet another item carrying the Thermos brand proving they’ve earned their spot at the top. Use of double walls and vacuum technology guarantees heat retention for as long as 24 hours, keeping every drop of 33 oz. hot from the first to the last.

You don’t need one thermos for hot drinks and another for cold, that would be way over-doing it on equipment. A conveniently placed handle makes it no trouble to carry in the roughest country and if you do drop it, the extreme durability of its stainless steel construction will keep it safe.

The cap doubles as a cup and is also made of 100% rust proof stainless steel. For durability and function, The Rock is a winner, but it doesn’t hurt that all that unbreakable steel also has a very sleek, stylish look to it.

5. MIRA Classic Stainless Steel 40 Ounce Vacuum Wide Mouth Thermos

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Perhaps one of the best parts about this Mira Classic is that stainless steel doesn’t retain the flavor of whatever you had in it last. As long as its properly cleaned between one beverage and the next, you won’t have one drink tainted with the flavor of another.

Durability in a thermos is a must. You would have to try to break this Mira and then might not be able to because of the durability of its stainless steel construction. It can go anywhere you carry it with the sturdy handle, and a leak-proof cap to keep you dry.

The wide mouth does allow for an easy flow but it also makes it easy to clean. There will be no struggling to reach sediment at the bottom of this thermos. Of course, it comes with a cup and that may not sound like much, but it does mean you never have to worry about bringing one along.

6. Isosteel VA-9553Q 34 fl. oz. Double Walled Vacuum Flask

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The Isosteel is really a nice thermos. At 34oz, that’s more than enough for the typical coffee drinker to get their fill. Or at least more than plenty until you have time to get back to camp and brew another cup.

Made of food-grade stainless steel it’s more than ready to meet the challenge of hot coffee in the middle of the lake, or tramping through the snow in the mountains. Sometimes you can’t spare two hands to pour a cup but that’s no problem with this thermos because it comes with the option of a screw plug for easy, one-handed use.

BPA free and FDA approved, the heat retention on this thermos beats the VA-9552Q which was editors choice for Popular Mechanics. The best in vacuum technology is put to use in the Isosteel and its designers aren’t afraid to back it with a 5-year limited warranty.

7. Isosteel Va-9552q 25 Fl. Oz. Stainless Steel Double-walled Vacuum Bottle

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The vacuum technology in this thermos is outstanding. It keeps your coffee hot for 24 hours and cold drinks stay that way for as long as 48. Food-grade stainless steel doesn’t absorb aroma so beverages are never tainted with “ghost” flavors.

25 ounces can feel heavy after a while but not with this thermos. Not only does it come with a convenient handle, a free carrying strap is also included. If the hunt is on or the fish are biting, you may only have one hand to spare for pouring anything. The Quickstop pouring method on this thermos is a screw stopper easily operated with one hand.

Durable, functional, and crafted by masters, this one is worth adding to your camping stash. There are people in the world who will always try to copy anything worthwhile. To verify you are getting a true Isosteel product look on the bottom for their seal of approval which should be stamped there.

8. YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid

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The Yeti Rambler is well named. The toughness of stainless steel keeps it safe no matter where you take it, and double wall vacuum insulation keeps 20oz hot or cold all day, or night. Its “no sweat” design gives you a more secure grip when it’s filled with a cold drink, and ensures you won’t need a coaster with this tumbler.

Designed to fit inside standard size cup holders, finding a secure place to set it down when both hands are busy is no problem. Made to last a lifetime, this durable and highly functional tumbler makes an awesome companion no matter what, or where you have in mind.

Take it to the office or your favorite hunting/fishing spots, this handsome Yeti will fit in anywhere it goes. Function and durability are most important, but carrying a cup that looks good never hurt. One more plus would be that unlike many insulated containers, the Yeti is fully dishwasher safe.

9. Liquid Savvy’s 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Bundle

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Nothing is more disappointing than a sip of something cold when your mouth was ready for a hot drink. Or the opposite when what you want is something cold. The double wall construction of Liquid Savvy ensures you get your drink exactly the way you want it.

Another benefit of double-walled insulation is when you drink something cold. Condensation on a tumbler can cause a wet mess and make it very hard to hold on to. A tapered design fits into most cup holders and with a clear lid you don’t need to guess if it’s time for a refill, you can see without removing the clear lid.

Besides the tumbler itself, this bundle also includes one regular and one sliding closeable lid, a steel straw and comfortable handle. Lastly, Liquid Savvy comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty and it doesn’t get any better than that.

10. VAVA Stainless Steel Thermos / Travel Mug

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Vava has the answer to “risk-free” sharing. You may be fond of your traveling partner but not necessarily want to share a cup with them. This thermos/travel mug comes with two cups that fit neatly together on top of the thermos, and its double wall design will keep the temperature of whatever you’re sharing constant for 24 hours.

Unlike some other brands, Vava doesn’t use material unsuitable to hold liquids for long periods of time. Made from quality stainless steel, this item is likely to last your lifetime and when you’re through with it there will be no oxidation.

No one likes a leaky thermos. This Vava has a secure, silicone sealing ring that prevents leaks or spills so you and your belongings stay dry. There are days when two hands aren’t enough and that’s when you will most appreciate being able to attach your thermos to a belt or bag with a ring that does double duty as a handle.

Now You Know Where To Find 10 Of The Best Thermoses Amazon Has To Offer

Any of the thermoses discussed here are worth considering. However, my pick is # 1, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle.

I personally know their durability is a fact because my grandfather took one to work with him for over 30 years and he was still using it when he retired. They can certainly take a beating with no loss in function, the man was a farmer and ran over it with his tractor more than once.

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