Best Super Absorbent Coaster for Sweaty Drinks

We all love to have our friends and family over to enjoy good conversation over a few drinks of our favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

However, entertaining can soon become a nightmare if your guests accidentally leave water marks on your prized furniture pieces. These marks can be almost impossible – and very expensive – to repair.

Sometimes, we are even guilty of this ourselves – a carelessly placed glass can easily ruin a wooden surface. Therefore, it is important to have proper coasters to protect your valuable possessions from unsightly marks.

Unfortunately, not all coasters are created equal. Some coasters might do the job of keeping water off of your furniture, but manage to damage it themselves with a sharp underside. Other coasters may look great, but are almost useless once damp.

Therefore, we have found some of the best options available for you. These coasters will not only keep your furniture safe from water marks or scratches, but they also look great, and fit all décor styles.

Quick Comparison: Best Super Absorbent Coaster for Sweaty Drinks

BrandMaterial (top)Material (bottom)Number in packWeight
#1. Coastero Absorbent Coasters
Our Best Pick
Our Best Pick

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Ceramic StoneCork413.6oz
#2. Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

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#3. Enkore Coasters

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Soapstone/SandstoneCork4 (includes holder)2.4lb
#4. MountainStone Yellow Grapes

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Here is more information about each:

1. Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

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These stylish coasters are a wonderful addition to any home, coming in a convenient set of 4. Thirstystone is a company that prides itself on its excellent customer service and quality products. Therefore, when you buy this coaster set, you can be confident in the quality.

Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster’s unique designs means they easily absorb lots of liquid. Even the sweatiest drinks like an iced tea are no match for these coasters. You can be totally sure that your furniture is protected when a drink is on one of these.

The secret to the design is that they have a sandstone top which is super absorbent. As if that is not enough, underneath there is a cork layer, which not only adds extra absorbency, but also provides a soft base to protect your surface tops from scratches.

2. Enkore Coasters

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If you are looking for designs to add a splash of colour around your home or outdoor area, look no further than the bohemian inspire Enkore coasters. These gorgeous coasters come in many different patterns including ‘novel leaf’ and ‘royal tide’. Each one has rich colour to add interest and style to your home.

Not only are these coasters beautiful but they are also made of super absorbent material. The top has a layer of sandstone and soapstone, while the bottom is soft cork. This means that while the top can easily deal with the sweatiest of drinks, the bottom is soft and gentle on your furniture.

On the odd occasions where evn the sandstone can’t cope with the amount of moisture, there is a silicon layer around the edges of these coasters for even more protection. You can definitely breathe a sigh of relief if you see a guest with one of these coasters – there’s no way your furniture is getting damaged!

3. MountainStone Yellow Grapes Absorbant Stone Coasters

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MountainStone have been making homewares for more than 40 years, and these lovely coasters reflect their commitment to smart and attractive designs. Inspired by their love for the environment, they feature a lovely nature inspired patterns on each.

Made from a combination of sandstone on the top and cork on the bottom, they are completely absorbent and also friendly on your furniture. They have a raised edge which prevents water from spilling over the top.

These clever coasters come in a set of 8, which makes them excellent value. MountainStone pride themselves on creating durable products, so you can expect these to stand the test of time as long as they are cared for.

4. Coastero Absorbent Stone Drink Coasters

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While the most important thing is that coasters protect your furniture, an added bonus of these gorgeous Coastero Coasters is they make great talking points! With many fabulous designs, there is bound to be one that fits right with your décor style.

These coasters are made from ceramic stone, which is more porous and therefore more absorbent than other materials such as sandstone. They also have a cork base to protect your surfaces, but this base will not stick to glass when it becomes damp. All in all, these are a great all around coaster.

Both the coasters and the artwork is very durable, with the artwork printed with unique UV technology. You can be sure that these coasters are going to look great in your home for a long time, and keep your furniture the same way!

Plus, for such a good quality product, the price is very reasonable!

And the winner is…

All of these coasters are beautiful additions to your home, and keep your furniture. While all of these options get the job done, our personal pick for the best of the best is the Coastero Absorbent Coasters.

These Coasters are made of ultra absorbent ceramic stone, which outperforms even sandstone in trapping moisture. Plus, with their unique UV printing and gorgeous designs, you are sure to smile veery time you bring out these lovely coasters!

So, there we have it, four of our best recommendations for coasters. Each of these coaster types have been recommended due to their absorbency. Using these, you can be confident that your expensive and beautiful furniture is protected from ugly watermarks and other damage.

We also recommend these coasters due to their beautiful design. You want to choose coasters that you are going to enjoy using and be proud putting in your home. Each of these offers a distinct style, perfect for whatever décor style you have chosen. Now, you can protect your furniture without sacrificing the look of your home.

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