Best Cake Bench Scraper for Icing

Have you ever looked at a cake and wonder how they make it look so beautiful compared to what it looks like when you attempt it at home? We have the secret to making a cake look like it just came out of a fancy bakery.

I used to use your typical butter knife to ice my cakes until a friend of mine put me onto a bench scraper. At first, I looked at her like she was crazy and asked, “Why would I scrape my cake with a tool that scrapes the paint off benches, that’s disgusting?”. Once she stopped laughing she showed me hers. It kind of looks like a miniature sled to me.

Chart Comparison: Best Bench Scrapers for Icing Cakes

BrandBlade MaterialHandle MaterialErgonomicChopperRuler
#1. OXO
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Stainless SteelNon-SlipYesYesYes
#2. Dexter Russel

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High-Carbon SteelPolypropyleneNoIf SharpenedNo
#3. Norpro

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Stainless SteelStainless SteelNoYesNo

What Is a Bench Scraper?

It is a stainless-steel blade with an integral rounded handle that can be used to scrape, cut, chop, and measure things. You DO NOT want to just grab any bench scraper of the shelf. You need to take the time to feel if it is the right fit for you, especially since they can take a finger or two off.

A bench scraper is used for various things. It can be used to chop up fruits and vegetables, cut bread dough, and smooth out cake icing. Who knew something that sounds like a tool could have so much use in the kitchen. You would be amazed how much difference it makes when using a bench scraper opposed to a butter knife.

Which Bench Scraper Is Right for Me?

Finding the right bench scraper is very important. The question that needs to be answered is which one is right for you. The following is a list of a few popular bench scrapers that are considered top of the line.

1. Dexter-Russell

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This is a standard bench scraper that is safer to use due to its dull blade and non-slip grip. It does not have a ruler on it. If you are looking to use for chopping fruits or vegetables, you will need to sharpen it.

It has a seal between the metal and the polypropylene-handle, so germs can’t get in between it. It is a little more expensive than others but if you plan to use it with children it is the safest choice.

2. OXO

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This has a very comfortable handle with a non-slip grip. The stainless-steel blade is very sharp with a ruler on it to measure the foods you are chopping up.

This is an ergonomic bench sharpener that is a little bigger than the others on this list. This is dishwasher safe. You will need to supervise a child while they are using it but it is safer than the Norpro because of the non-slip grip handle.

3. Norpo

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The Norpro has some similarities to the Dexter-Russell bench scraper. It is less expensive with high quality. It does not have a handle to it. The metal is rounded so there is a chance for your hand to slip. This is a deal breaker for me since I do a lot of baking.

It is sanitary due to the stainless-steel blade. This should not be used with children unless they are closely supervised. It also has a ruler like the OXO. Be careful because the blade is sharp which makes it dangerous to leave laying around with kids in the home.

The Final Verdict Is In

All the above bench scrapers are great when it comes to smoothing the icing on your cake. The winner is OXO! The OXO Good Grips Scraper is not only affordable and durable, it is safer to use due to the extra height it has along with the non-slip grip handle.

The OXO has a soft handle with a great grip that makes it unlikely for your hand to slip while chopping or cutting food. You can also work for longer time periods without hurting your hand.

The OXO can be used for various means in the kitchen due to it having a ruler on it and having the sharp blade. It can be used on several different food items like fruits, vegetables, and even cutting dough which always makes me happy because I am getting my monies worth.

While safety is important it is also important that for the price you pay it can be used in so many forms which makes it not only a favorite, but almost a necessity, in the kitchen.

I can tell you from my own experience that I wouldn’t buy any other bench scraper since I have used this. My cakes look like a professional did it, plus all my fingers are still in tack! It’s time to bake the cakes!

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