BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 Review

Any barbecue enthusiast will tell you that keeping track of the temperature of your meat is absolutely crucial to the flavour, taste and texture of your cooked meats.

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Often, doing so with traditional barbecues can be a challenge – and relies largely on visuals, instinct, and a bit of good luck!

Luckily, thanks to a great tool from BBQ Guru, you can easily keep track of the temperatures of your meat and ensure it is always cooked to perfection.

The Problem

When you think of the perfect barbecue, you probably think of tender, juicy meat that is cooked and seasoned to perfection. Unfortunately, often barbecues do not live up to this high standard and the meat is instead tough, chewy or dry.

In order to have tender, juicy meat it is often necessary to cook the meat for long periods – and crucially, for the temperature to stay consistent while doing so. This can be very difficult, especially in extremely cold or hot weather conditions. This often leads to cooks opening and closing the barbecue many times, trying to check the temperature. Unfortunately, this only makes the problem worse by causing temperature fluctuations.

As a result, meat often ends up cooked less than perfectly, which is frustrating for both the cook and those who are supposed to be enjoying the meal!

The Solution – the DigiQ DX-2

Luckily, the clever people over at BBQ Guru have come up with a great solution – the DigiQ DX-2. This small device has probes that go inside of your meat, monitoring the temperature with incredible accuracy and alerting you once it reaches the ideal temperature. No more guess work or opening and closing the barbecue lid!

The DigiQ DX-2 has two probes: one that goes inside your meat, and one that goes in the cooker, meaning it can perfectly monitor both the conditions and the meat itself. All you need to do is set what the peak “cooked” temperature is, and the DigiQ DX-2 will let you know.

Even better, the DigiQ DX-2 can actively control the temperature within your cooker, further making sure that it is cooked to perfection. The DigiQ DX-2 has technology that allows it to send more or less oxygen to fuel your cooker, depending on the temperature of the meat.

This is a unique feature to the DigiQ-X2 as many cheaper products simply monitor the temperature, and do not actively control it. The result is that cooking – including slow roasts and grills – is infinitely easier and more precise, and you can expect to have top-quality, delicious meats with little effort!

Another clever feature of the DigiQ DX-2 is that it automatically detects when the barbecue’s lid is open and adjusts accordingly. Many other similar products cannot do this, and the temperature monitoring is affected every time you open the lid of the barbecue. The DigiQ DX-2 is able to recognise when the lid is open and adjust accordingly.

How to Use the DigiQ DX-2

Despite its complex features, using the DigiQ DX-2 is very easy and has been designed carefully with the user in mind. Simply choose the DigiQ DX-2 model that lines up with your barbecue at home – there are many supported models, including Webers, Big Green Eggs and Oklahoma Joes.

Once you have received your DigiQ DX-2, follow the instruction guide to easily attach it to your barbecue. When you are ready to cook, set your ideal temperature using the simple interface on the product, and put your meat in the barbecue. The DigiQ DX-2 will do the rest!

There’s no need to watch your barbecue or constantly make small adjustments while the DigiQ DX-2 is at work. You can simply “set and forget” as it does all of the hard work for you. When your meat has reached the optimum cooked temperature, it will beep audibly to let you know. At this point, you can remove it, or set the DigiQ DX-2 to maintain that temperature to give you more time.

Then, just take all the credit at the end when your friends and family are stunned with the juicy, tasty and succulent results!

  • Allows you to monitor the temperature of your meat easily for perfect results. No more guess work!
  • Actively controls the temperature of the meat, so you don’t have to
  • Easy set up that works with most barbecues
  • Recognises when the barbecue lid is open and adjusts accordingly
  • Audibly alerts when the meat is reaching the perfect temperature
  • Allows you to stop cooking but keep warming once the meat has reached optimum temperature

The Drawback – The Price

There is no way around it – the DigiQ DX-2 is not cheap. It is one of the best products on the market and its price reflects that. However, when you think about the value of getting perfect meat every time (and avoiding having to throw away any burnt or inedible meat), it makes sense.

You’ve probably already spent a lot of money on perfecting your barbecue set up – so why not take it to the next level?

There are other, cheaper options available on the market however they do not have the same impressive features that the DigiQ DX-2 does, such as knowing when the barbecue lid is open and actively monitoring the heat in the barbecue.

Plus – barbecues are a beloved family past-time and many people take pride in making sure that they are serving restaurant quality (or better) meals to their family. You cannot put a price on that!

  • The product is expensive and may not be affordable for everybody


The DigiQ DX-2 is a fantastic product for barbecue enthusiasts who want to ensure that their meat is perfectly cooked, without having to closely monitor their barbecues for hours and hours. Forget ever having burnt, overcooked or chewy meat again – with the DigiQ DX-2, you will get absolutely perfect results, absolutely every time.

The initial up front cost may be expensive, however this is a top of the range product that can be used again and again. It can also save you money by avoiding having to throw away any barbecued meat that gets overcooked or totally charred because of problems regulating the temperature inside your barbecue.

All in all, the DigiQ DX-2 temperature monitor and regulator is a great investment that is sure to vastly improve your barbecues and have you known as the Barbecue King or Queen amongst all of your friend and family. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants delicious, juicy barbecued meats every time.

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