5 Best Ice Cream Makers: 2019 reviews

ICE CREAM! No matter what your age is or what diet plan you are following, the moment you hear these two words, it makes mouth go watering with a lot of tempting taste buds ready to enjoy the flavour.  From childhood to adulthood and then to old age there is one thing that is so hard to resist, and that is Ice Cream. This is a favourite dessert amongst most of the occasions be it a birthday party, Wedding, or any other social gathering, Ice cream is never out of fashion. With its delicious flavours and colors like, pink strawberry, green pistachio, white vanilla, and purple black current and black forest are some of the world wide known flavours and can be consumed at any point in time.

Since it is a lovable dessert by everyone at any age, so this makes ice cream a must buy for all your family members. Though every time buying it from outside may dent your pocket and you have to wait for weather to clear before going out or ordering from a portal. No more worries and wait for your favourite dessert as we have introduced the best ice cream maker range to choose your favourite machine from.

God has gifted us only one life and you do not want to waste any time of it in waiting for your awesome flavour of Ice cream. So don’t go out in traffic to buy it and remain inside your home to prepare a cup of ice cream for you and your loved ones in real quick time.

Ice cream maker recipe

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is a must buy necessity for almost every house hold to get the frozen desserts like gelato and sorbets along with ice cream. Also you need to compromise on your health since there would not be any preservatives added to these items and you remain fit and healthy with hygienic preparation with your own hands. Well, what else could an ice cream lover ask for?

We have done the research part and come up with some of the best Ice Cream makers.

While going through the options listed below you need to be sure about your need and to know that you must have answers to the following question in your mind:


  1.     How much free space do you have to determine the size of Ice cream maker?
  2.     What is your budget?
  3.     How much quantity can one machine produce?
  4.     What quality product would it deliver?
  5.     Noise level of the Machine while in operation etc.



On the basis of our analysis and research we have brought to you 5 highly performing Best Ice Cream Machines

There are different types of machines like Ice & Salt Ice Cream Makers, Electric Frozen bowl Ice Cream makers and Compressor based.

NameWeightProduct DimensionsPrice
Hamilton Beach 68330N5 Lbs15.3 x 12.5 x 11.1 inCheck Price
CuisinArt ICE-2110 lbs10.8 x 10.8 x 15.8 inCheck Price
CuisinArt ICE 30-BC12 lbs8.3 x 9.1 x 11.3 inCheck Price
Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE6.35 lbs15 x 17 x 16 inCheck Price
Whynter ICM-200LS24.2 lbs16.75 x 11.25 x 10.25 inCheck Price


Hamilton Beach 68330N 4-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Hamilton beach Ice Cream Maker follows the conventional method with a blend of modern technology to create some really tempting flavours. It is powered by an highly efficient operating motor to create the condensing temperature for producing the rich creamy texture of an ice cream.

The quantity produced in a single delivery is as good as a gallon which seems ample to feed a big family. Cylindrical bucket used in this machine is big enough and can easily be cleaned. This Ice Cream Maker does not need to any separate freezing unit as ice and rock salt outside the canister can do the job pretty efficiently and fast to create the required frozen dessert for you in real quick time.

Ice Cream Machine

You need not be an expert to make it functional, the moment you have all the required ingredients just simply start the process without any pre freezing of the canister as the Halminton Beach can do this at its own. Also it has an inbuilt alarming system to let you know when the ice cream is condensed and frozen enough to be served which makes it hassle free Ice Cream maker. Hamilton Beach 4 quart comes with an instruction manual that would help you make frozen items like yogurt and flavourful ice creams at home only.

With this Ice Cream maker you can get a gallon of dessert in mere 20 minutes of time. Its fully automatic version seldom requires any stirring which means only ingredients need to me put in the Ice Cream machine and it will alert you when the product is ready to be served and consumed. Machine comes with a very useful user manual that is loaded with 20 great recipes. It weighs 5lbs and made of metal for durability and longer run supported by 1 year warranty of the product. 



Ø  Automatic timer to stop the Ice Cream machine as soon as the product gets thicker enough

Ø  Good quantity production of 4 Quarts in almost 20 to 40 min

Ø  No manual intervention as fully automatic, just add ingredients and alerts when Ice Cream is ready

Multiple products like, Sherbet, Gelato, and custard, etc. 



Ø  Can be a little noisy while in operation

Ø  Cord length should have been longer


Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

This is one of the easiest to operate Soft Serve ice cream machine with only one switch provided at the base of the machine. With only a click of on or off, you can get a frozen dessert like Ice cream, yogurt or gelato. The fully automatic mechanism gives you   frozen edible experience and cleaning of the product is also quite simple.

Its vertical standing design makes it a less space occupying home appliance and saves area of your cooking counter. It does not need any Ice and Rock salt to get the process functional; however, the freezer bowl needs to get ready before you start mixing the ingredients into the ice cream maker. The condensation of the mixture takes place in the lower part of the machine. The powerful motor of the appliance helps the freezer bowl and dasher to rotate with required speed so that right texture and consistency can be produced.

An additional non-toxic coolant is used inside the double-lined freezer bowl, which ensures that the frozen ice cream remains cold and attractive even on room temperature as well. It can produce up to 1.5 quarts of frozen desserts at one go. In other words, this Cuisinart Ice Cream maker can make 7 pounds of ice cream with a really fast and easy method.

Double-wall insulated freezer vessel ensures that no further ice is needed to make the dessert complete. Cuisinart weighs almost 10 lbs and can easily be kept at a smaller space with its compact size. Transparent locking makes the addition of the ingredients a simple process.



Ø  No more requirement of ice as a freezing agent since the product has a double insulated layer to do the job efficiently.

Ø  Good amount of frozen desserts can be produced like 1.5 quarts in a single-use.

Ø  Convenient switch at the bottom of the ice cream maker to make it easy to operate.

Ø  Lockable transparent lid at the top helps to add ingredients easier and hassle-free

Ice cream gets ready in just 20 minutes 


Ø  Freezer bowl needs early preparation and freezing which may take more space in your freezer and can be frustrating at times.

Ø  Not recommended for dishwasher purpose

Ø  Motor may get heated over a longer run


Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic

 Another excellent ice cream maker that we are going to analyze here is another variant of Cuisinart which is Ice-30BC Pure Indulgence 2- quart. This model is fully automatic and has no compromise on elegant and satin finish look. This stainless steel body appliance could help you make 2 quarts of delicious flavourful ice cream and has an astonishing appearance. This Best Ice Cream Maker is definitely a top choice of most of the frozen dessert lovers because of the capacity and another important aspect is after use cleaning is not cumbersome too.

For firm traction on the counter, the machine has been given rubber feet so that you need not to always hold the appliance while in action. Power-packed efficient motor gives you the freedom to add as many ingredients as you want in yu=our frozen dessert like sprinkles and Choco chips etc.Best ice cream machine for home

It’s double-sided insulated wall covering the freezer bowl helps in keeping the product cold even at room temperature so that you can get the best serving with every scoop. An automated paddle ensures the right texture and consistency of the ice creams. So no more manual intervention, just switch on, sit back and relax until your favorite Ice cream is made. This Ice Cream Machine has an overall weight of 12 pounds and comes with an instruction manual is known as Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Recipes booklet to give you an idea about various desserts that you can prepare with this Best Ice Cream Machine. 



Ø  It has a big mouth spout to input any ingredient with ease

Ø  Satin-finish stainless steel helps to get the chilled output without sticking on the walls.

Ø  Strong built quality with stainless steel

High performing motor running the operation for faster output. 



Ø  It may create soft and melting ice creams at times

Ø  Freezer bowl has to be freeze beforehand which may create space issues inside the freezer.


Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Machine

As the name itself suggests, the ice cream machine reminds us of our childhood days when the Ice cream used to be made by this method in the wooden bucket and metal canister to be covered with ice. Although its looks might time travel your memories way back to olden days, however, the efforts needed now with the new electric variant are minimal compared to those days.

Nostalgia does its work quite efficiently and effectively like any other high-end models. Only the appearance of this machine is old but the performance may surprise you. Just add all the ice cream ingredients to the machine and add ice to surround the metal canister in the middle. The good thing about this machine is that it does not require long churning of the mixture in the freezer bowl. Entire Ice Cream Machine setup comes with a plastic bucket, an aluminum canister. Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker can produce 4 quart of ice cream which sounds more than enough.Ice cream maker reviews

Modern Machines are also studded with Ice Cream Maker recipes booklet and an instruction manual to help you in making different variety of frozen food and let you aware of the operational procedure of the machine. Cleaning of the Frozen Maker is quite simple as well, Transparent lids let you see the progress and mix ingredients. It weighs 6.35 pound overall, for better results use nostalgia mixture range. 



Ø  Nostalgia gets a convenient handle to lift and carry the machine.

Ø  It can produce a huge amount of frozen dessert in a single attempt

Ø  Motor is powerful enough to do the churning no human effort needed.

Usage and cleaning is quite simple and effortless of the plastic bucket



Ø Motor can produce some noise while in operation. 


Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker

Best Ice Cream Maker of 2019

We have brought another Ice Cream Maker for you in the list of finest frozen dessert makers. Whynter looks quite dashing and attractive in appearance and different from traditional ice cream makers. Compact size helps you to save storing space and can produce 2 litres of ice cream in just about 30 minutes. The texture of the ice cream depends upon the rotation timings and blending of the machine, less time for soft and more time for thick texture.

The machine is equipped with the inbuilt compressor to create magical taste and texture of frozen ice cream also this eliminates an extra step of freezing the bowl beforehand. The construction quality of the product is durable and modern features like an LCD display and a beep alert makes it super convenient to use. So when you look at the features you get than the cost can be worth it. 



Ø  Modern features like digital temperature display and beep alert

Ø  Stainless steel durable body for longer use

Ø  Power cut off to shut motor when the ice cream has frozen solid.

Ø Usage and cleaning is quite simple and effortless of the plastic bucket



Ø Pricing is on a higher side compared to other ice cream makers


KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker

This is one of the sophisticated Ice cream makers amongst various machines. KitchenAid is a vertical standing Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine model that can produce 1.9 litre of frozen sweet dish. It uses liquid filled between walls to freeze the substance to a great quality texture and consistency for sorbets and ice cream.

 KitchenAid comes with various compatible attachments to perform the task efficiently.  There are some important key factors that you need to think about while buying the frozen dessert maker.

Simple to Operate: One of the significant aspects is the functionality of the Ice Cream Machine; means how simple and easy is to operate it. Some of the advanced features truly lower the efforts needed to perform the job like, inbuilt compressor, digital temperature display panel and alerts that make you enable to perform multi-tasking along with frozen desserts making.

Budget: This factor holds the key to everything else, as no matter how cool, fancy and latest model you desire for, it cannot be yours until you have the sufficient amount with you. So according to your predefined budget you can choose either to go for compressor oriented Ice Cream machines or without it because this is the major differentiator between the two categories.

Quality: When you eat an ice cream so it’s not all about taste but the presentation and texture matters as well. Since smooth and creamy texture can be achieved with quick process so compressor driven electric Ice Cream Machine are still on the above rank when compared to other insulated walls freezing technique based models.

Capacity and Speed: You need to be sure about the consumption of dessert on that specific occasion, whether it is a small function or you need to prepare ice cream for bigger parties. So watch out for different capacity of these machines to opt the suitable one for you.

Time is money, so no one wants to spend more time on something that can be done faster. That’s why compressor driven Ice Cream machine is a deserving candidate here as well. However if it is for home use then Ice and black salt insulation based machine can be used too.

Design: Some of us like to decorate our kitchen area and want to bring an appliance to match the interior or a latest gadget that increases the beauty of your home, so go through all the variants to find the favourite one. Also at the same time you should know that most of the electric appliances make noise. Hence such people may not like it.


We hope the review and details above would assist you to get your dream machine. Happy Shopping!!